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MAX PROFIT SOLUTION DELHI - With Fake & False Commitments taken Fund amounts Rs.913700/-in phases Fradulently from 17.03.16 to 12.09.20163

Detail of Payment made to Max Profit Solution as per Mail ,SMS & Phone advise and Account No. Provided by Company's Personals.named Mr. Ankit Mittal- Mobile No.9910803843,9711372138.Smt. Aditi Jain Mobile No.- 9873578544/9716324078 and Lastly by some named Sidhantha Malhotra Mobile No. 9711375413/9871993158 and Mobile no.9910238845 all belongs to Delhi Office.As per information one of the Co’s Director named as Mr.Avishek Jha. 1)..Rs.5000/- 17.03.16 ch. no433951 of a/c 10288098071 of SBI Bangur Avenue Br.paid to SBI A/C No.35311715327 of S B I Sector-3/7 Rohini Br. 2)Payment Made from SBI Bangur Avenue Br. A/C- 10288098071 and 10288170967 To 35578195504 at SBI Nehru Place Branch Delhi.On the basis of Mail,SMS,Phonetic advise. i).By Ch. No 433951 Rs. 1,95,000/- dated 18.03.16,- on th basis of SMS ii)Rs.100000/- by ch. 433953 dt.24.03.16 = SMS iii)Rs.70000/- by Ch. No.433955 dated 11.04.2016 = SMS iv)Rs.1,70,000/- by Ch No.433956 dated 12.05.2016= SMS v)Rs. 30,000/- by ch No. 433957 dated 13.05.2016.= SMS vi)Rs.2,30,000/- by cheque No. 433958 dated 27.06.2016 on the basis of last mail dt.16.06.2016 By your legal Dept. Delhi office. vii) Rs.18000/- on the basis of SMS dt 04.07.16 as closure of File which deposited by Cash. viii)Rs.20000/- by cheque 151476 dt.09.08.16 from a/c no 10288170967 of SBI Bangur Br. ix) Rs. 15500/-( Ch. No 151477) & Rs 15400/- on dated 10.08.16.from a/c No 10288170967 and 20002319390 of other a/c.both from SBI Bangur avenue. x) Rs.13300/- by ch no. 151478 dated 11.08.2016 from a/c no 10288170967 of SBI Bangur Avenue. xi) Rs.10000/- by ch no. 151479 dated 16.08.16 from a/c no 10288170967 xii) Rs.21500/- by ch. No.151482 dated 12.09.16 from a/c no.10288170967. All Sl. No. 2 to 12 paid from SBI A/C-10288098071 & 10288170967 of Bangur Avenue Branch ,Kolkata -700055 to SBI -Nehru Place Branch bearing A/C No.-35578195504.The total Amount Stand in this account Rs.9.08,700/- lac. All bank’s counter part receipts kept with me including Credit of the aforesaid Accounts of SBI. This is my Submission above the Name and my side Payments with Receipts as per annexation. Hope being an Old and Sr. Citizen Person seeking help for recover my Last money. yours Sincerely- Pradip Basu.

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