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Lenovo - Mobile phone ruined by service center

my phone is under warranty it had some minor issues regarding software and in audio output slot. i submitted my phone in authorized service centre of Rewa madhya pradesh on 17th Feb2017 and after 25 days my phone is still not repaired rather it was dead when i visited service center for a follow up i asked the manager to return my phone since he failed to repair it and he refused to do so. also he refused to give any kind of details rgarding the parts he installed in my phone. on repeated demands done by me to return my phone he burst out in anger and started abusing and shouting at me and told me that if i want my phone back i have to give a written and signed document which says my phone was as it is as it was when i gave it to him. i did not agree to this so he told me to get lost. when i submitted my phone it was working with no damaged parts now i am waiting for the holi vacation to get over so that i can file a complaint in consumer court

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