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LG Electronics - faulty T V

I brought a LG LED TV model no-LGLED43LF590043 from KOHINOOR TELEVIDEO PVT.LTD,MALAD(W) for RS.56900 on the 05th Nov 2015,thru Baja finance on EMI"S.The tv was delivered on the 08th/NOV/2015 n the next day the salesman fro LG came n mounted the tv at a height,on the 19th/Nov/2015 in the night while I was see tv, I noticed some square like pixels on the screen, n it disappeared the next day my kids were watching tv and told me the same pixels came again,I switched the tv off and put my kids to sleep, I returned back to check the tv and was shocked to see the display was all lines, my husband and I tried to check if it was the cable fault but all was ok the display was all lines on the tv.I placed an complaint thru phone complaint no-151121010788 on the 21st/Nov/2015 on the LG helpline but received no call the full day and on the 22nd/Nov/2015 around 5pm a technician Pankaj Singh came in my husband and my absence we informed him not to touch the tv till we came as we are on our way.When we reached he did not listen to my mother and said he wanted to check the tv he switched the tv and was tapping on the screen saying its an physical damage and that my children must have thrown something on the tv,I told him not a single scratch or any damage on the screen added to this the tv had a special screen for protection IPS panel,besides my children's hands will to reach the tv.He yet insisted on physical damage and said if does not show it as physical damage done by the customer then the company LG will cut from his salary,I was shocked the technician was rude and straight away said pay Rs.20000 and the tv will be repaired even if it was under warranty.I when to KOHINOOR TELEVIDEO PVT.LTD,MALAD(W) from where I brought the tv but received no support or help from the manager Mr.Amit he kept saying to deal with LG directly,on 22nd/Nov/2015I placed another complaint thru a friend and manager Mr.Nelson from the Kandivali branch and on the 23rd/Nov/2015 after waiting the full day no one came,I placed another complaint no-151123070424 the person on the phone was rude and straight away said my colleague Mr.Pankaj Singh came and checked your tv you pay Rs.20000 and repair the tv and hung up.I informed the same to manager Mr.Amit he said he will make an conference call with my husband and an senior technician Mr.Shekar the head of the service center and the technician Mr.Pankaj Singh on the 24th/Nov/2015 we received no calls from the manager Mr.Amit as promised and on the 27th/Nov/2015 we received an call finally but Mr.Shekar was not allowing us the customer/consumer to speak and was only saying my 2 technicians have informed me about the physical damage and you have to pay Rs.20000 towards the repairs.My husband told him that your technician Mr.Pankaj Singh said that it's physical damage and said if does not show it as physical damage done by the customer then the company LG will cut from his salary on hearing this Mr.Shekar sounded confused and tried to support his technicians, Mr.Shekar clearly said it's an internal damage, and you have done it, my husband said how can I go into the tv and damage it. Mr.Shekar was hands down not ready to help or bring an solution. My cry is to the L G Electronics India Pvt.Ltd who have no customer care or value for an customer, I continued to pay my EMI'S till 7 months in spite of seeing the tv for just 11 days, where is KOHINOOR TELEVIDEO PVT.LTD,MALAD (W) and L G Electronics India Pvt.Ltd when the customer is going thru pain and am I foolish or stupid to damage my TV between both I am the loser my tv is on the wall like an show piece, I need an answer from L G Electronics India Pvt.Ltd and I want an replacement of an new TV. AND NO CUSTOMER IS FOOLISH TO DAMAGE OR BREAK SOMETHING THAT IS COSTLY OR DEAR TO HIM. Looking for an reply, Pamela Fernandes. contact no -7738000344

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