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Kotak Mahindra Bank - Money on hold without any intimation

Hello, Kotak bank people had debited 3400/- without any sms or email and on 5th I have my Ecs deduction when called them to ask they said do to non maintainess of minimum balance of 10k amount is deducted. Y will I main balance for salary account who came to open account he said everyone there should be transaction no need to maintain minimum balance now they are telling me to maintain minimum balance of 10k who is earning 20k every month ... How will I maintain so much money and what will I do for monthly emi food home maintainess. Please reverse my money from Kotak bank am not so rich to let go my money and maintain 10k my number 8904566952 pls chk screenshot total balance 5300/- but avail balance is 1900/- now they say it can be reversed only after 3months after maintainess of minimum 10k balance how I should go beg for money or else I will get penalty of 400/- please help in getting back my money as if was wrong info given my the person who came to open account and no intimation given for me on October month from when it started to deduct. They said me check statement why will I check my statement until do have any requirement.

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