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I purchased a KENT RO water purifier about two years back from Army Canteen. Few days back, the filter etc. of the system were changed by a technician of the Company on our request and the required amount was paid to him. Till that time it was working properly. Recently the system started giving trouble. A complaint was lodged vide complaint number 170209-00017 and Company’s technician Mr.Praeep visited us and checked it. It was found that the Motor had developed water leakage problem. The technician advised us to replace the motor with a new one whereas we think that the problem of water leakage could have been repaired easily by putting in a proper gasket or sealant or whatever but their theory of “Not Repairable” can not at all be digested . So since the technician did not agree for repairs we had no alternative and finally the motor was replaced after charging Rs.2700/- from us. KENT RO Company is actually fitting such kind of defective Motors in the RO Systems intentionally and they have probably given standing instructions to their Service Providers to replace the Motors in case of any problem and not repair. The clear motive is to make money. Electric Motor is a very simple machine and is used in so many areas like submersible pumps, fans and so on and we all know that these motors are working years and years without any problem. However, even if there happens any problem, then it is easily repaired I have lodged a complaint with the KENT people in this regard as I believe that the problem of water leakage should have been repaired since the motor was otherwise working properly. Lt.Col.Sunita Katyal Lucknow

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