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Jyanti Niwas, Rajgir - about cheating with me by the jyanti niwas resthouse.

I booked three rooms in Jyanti Niwas, Rajgir on 9.12.2016 for marriage. When I reached with my family there on 9.12.2016 then the other marriage party already stayed in the same rooms. When I met Jyanti Niwas manager then he said to us to stay for two hours. That day was very cold so we could not stay outside of the room. Therefore we booked three rooms at the cost of 5200 rupees in other rest house. After adjusting my family in other rooms when I met manager for returning of my advance payment 2000 rupees, which was already payed by me to the manager. The Jyanti Niwas manager refused to give me 2000 rupees. I requested him for my money but he became angry with me and he did not give me my money. All documents in proof are attached with it. Therefore I requested you for my justice.

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