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Job4carrer - Job Opportunity Fraud

Hi sir, I got call from Job4carrer team, they said my resume is not in a proper format and later they asked me to pay 2,800/- for editing the resume. Again they asked me to pay 7000/- for creating a portal again they asked me to pay 24,000/- like wise they forced me to pay 2,20,000/- Persons involved are Anu, Nisha, Agarwal, Arjun Dixit, all of them are responsible. This is my carrer they asked me to resign from my current organisation and I am jobless now and I am facing lot of issues. Requesting you very sincerely to provide my amount as soon as you can. Below are the numbers that I received calls: Day 1 : Anu Sharma : +91 98911 39273 After 4 days: Nisha : +91 98998 46795 After 2 days : Agarwal : +91 93506 80921 he introduced himself as TCS opening and force me to pay all the amount through Patym. Once amount is received they switched off their mobiles After a week again Arjun Dixit with mobile number : +91 72105 37402 Even he has switched his mobile and the other person introduced himself saying head of the department and tomorrow will be your joining he asked me to pay 40K. Still now I didn't receive any interview letter. His number is : +91 88607 88473 Sir please do solve this as soon as you can.

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