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Jio - Excessive slow internet speed in my locality

I have been using Jio internet service for more than 2 years. For the last 1.5 years or more,the internet speed in my locality has become snail slow. Repeated complain to Jio had not yielded any result. They only give fake assurances. Initially they said that a new site will be installed in my area. They asked for 90 days time which ended on 4th june,2019.The Service reference number being SR00000VZGYY. 4th june has passed by but no improvement is noticed. Now,they have to say that new site location is not possible in my locality. Even no timeframe is being provided for seamless internet connection. My question is why should I be deprived of getting 4G internet? I am paying for 4G service but in return getting upgraded 2G speed. Is it not an offence from the Company's part? The have committed that my area falls under limited coverage area and site installation is the solution. Then what is the problem.faced by Jio in installing a tower being owned by the richest business magnet in Asia? What I think is that the local technical experts of Jio is not competent enough to solve the problem .Jio should send a higher team of experts to examine and resolve this long standing issue. If getting a seamless internet connectivity is my basic right,why am I not getting it? Why did Jio commit and then failed to keep its commitment? I would expect immediate and speedy resolution to this problem.

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