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Jet Airways - Staff cancelled my ticket and no refund

I had to catch Jet Airways flight 9W-302 at 9:45 AM from DEL to BOM on 10th Dec 2016. I reached at the Airport at 8:40 at was in queue for checking in after waiting for so much time due to very slow movement of the queue and crowd I reached at the counter at 9:10 and the staff did not let me check in saying the flight is closed and they called out for Mumbai flight at 9:00 AM. I was there in the queue since 8:40 and there was no call out by the staff. They behaved very rudely and cancelled my flight stating “No Show” instead of guiding me to the gate to board they cancelled our ticket while we had enough time to get board as it is written over the ticket that 25 min prior gates will be closed. I was still having 30-35 minutes to board. The lady at the counter wrote 09:13 RT at my ticket which dont understand what is it. They said you can talk to your agent portal regarding the refund. I booked the ticket through “Clear Trip” portal and their customer care agent says they can’t process the refund as the ticket is cancelled by the airline mentioning “No show”. I need urgent intervention on this with for refund as it was the mistake by Jet airways staff, there was no callout at all and I was there on time. They who can refund the money and loss. We were 3 passengers and lost the total money. PNR number – SUPKLW, ZRFSMR Please help urgently. Shikha Singh contact - +91 8878893939 [email protected]

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