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Jet Airways - Loss due to Delay in flight at New Delhi Airport

I booked a flight ticket in Jet airways flight no. 9w759 from New Delhi to Chennai. My date of Journey on 31.12.2016. My airline PNR no. is WAGJWE. The said flight is supposed to be departs from Delhi airport at 0810 hrs on 31.12.2016 and will reach Chennai at around 1110 hrs. Based on the same timings I have booked another ticket from Chennai to Rajahmundry in SpiceJet flight SG3081 which is scheduled to departure at 1310 hrs from Chennai. This is because of inordinate delay of my Jet airways flight because of their staff problem or technical problem flight from New Delhi i.e.9W759 depart at 1045 hrs. Upon enquiry with jet airway staff members Mr. Rahul, Mr. Balkrishnan and other officers, we came to know that the Pilot for the said flight was not there and he was mobilised from Pune and hence the delay was happened. Because of their shortage of manpower why I should suffer and loose my money for my connecting flight. I am herewith attaching my Jet airways ticket for your reference. Because of their delay in Jet airways flight I lost around Rs. 3000.00 and a day for travelling to my home town.

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