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I ordered a Maroon coloured solid shift dress, order number#171012425624853. At the time of ordering by mistake I ordered on as it chose the default address bhoomi paradise address. Then at that time only I called the customer service team and requested them to change the address to my anz manayata tech park address. And the same started reflecting on my account as shipping address after sometime. The item was supposed to be delivered on 19/10/2017. But there was no clear communication when it will be done. Then I got a call on 18/10 that they will try to deliver it on 20/10. And then someone called me on today and told that he is delivering it to my bhoomi paradise address which is in mumbai and I am in bangalore. Till all this time and now also the shipping address it reflecting as Manyata tech park and it came as a shock for me. And they didnot even tried to deliver it and I got a message that delivery attempt was done. And I had also informed the person who called me confirming the address that the shipping address it bangalore and not mumbai. He even read out the address and was arguing that it was hobli. And not bangalore. When I called the customer service again in the evening they said that the address it not updated. How come if it is not updated on there system it is reflecting on my account. I had ordered that dress for an occasion and was relying on it. It's a mental torture and now customer service asked me to cancel and replace the order. This is wrong. After 10 days they realised that they cannot do it. And no communication was also done form their end informing the same. In the eara of digitalisation a person will rely on information which is reflecting on the application. And now they want em to cancel and replace teh order at the price at which it will be available which can be higher. And now guarantee that I will receive it on time. This is simply fooling teh customers and taking advantage of them. Please help

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