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Intex Technologies Ltd - False Commitments - I am not getting my phone back in repaired çondition nor in unrepaired çondition

This is to bring to your notice that I am having a very worst experience with regards to repair and service of my cellphone. A month before metal body of my Intex phone got damaged as it fell from my hand. Phone was in very working condition only its touchpad was damaged. Hence, I gave it to company's authorized service center Universal Enterprises, Pune on 24th Nov 2016 to change the metal body cover. Service center assured that this will repaired and will be given back to me after approximately 10 days. Hence, I agreed and gave for repair. After 10 days I called up the center they told me that “part is not available with the company. Please wait for 4-5 days when the part is available then we call you”. I have to keep follow ups…I have to call up for my mobile and that too at my own cost??? There after every 4-5 days, when I call up service center they give me stupid answers “part is not available with the company. Please wait for 4-5 days when the part is available then we call you”. It’s one month over now I am going through this harassment and chasing up for my phone. Then I called up direct Intex company also and they are also giving the same answer. One month is over now neither the phone is repaired yet nor I am getting my phone in unrepaired condition. I am very frustrated now as I not getting any update and not even I am getting my phone back as it is. Neither the service center Universal Enterprises is resolving this issue and nor Intex is responding. The service center assured that they would give me my mobile in 5 days in unrepaired çondition. If it is not possible to repair and that too not on time then why do company and service center is given such false commitments??? Why would people will have trust to but such mobiles or give in such service centers. I don’t understand and I am surprised if a phone is manufactured, how come the part not available at least for 2 years. This phone cost me 13000/- then it means it is not a cheap that can be changed in a year or two. And on top of that this cover is costing me 4550/-???? Below is the reference id details that received from service center. ‘Dear Customer, Your product received for repair vide Jobsheet No.611246x170035T001We will inform you once product is repaired. Assitance Call.8446442233’ Please help in this regard as I am very frustrated or let me any other legal action I can take to resolve this case. Regards, Frustrated Customer

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