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Indusind Bank - IndusInd Bank-fraud by Relationship manager (while credit card upgrade)

I am a research physician and working with a contract research organization. I have been in relationship with IndusInd bank, Bopal-Ahmedabad Branch (IFSC: INDB0000676) since Aug 2015, when I opened a savings account with bank. I am holding a savings account and a credit card account with IndusInd bank (details provided below). In last July, relationship manager (IndusInd bank Bopal branch) visited my place and offered me to upgrade my existing credit card. I was explained a few benefits of the card and told me that I have to pay Rs 6000/- for that (I was not explained if I have to pay service tax additionally at that time). I was not much convinced upgrading the card as the benefits explained were not adding value to the existing card for me. However, I was insisted to upgrade telling me that he will arrange to revert the credit card fees once the card is upgraded. I was told that I will be receiving a ‘Jet code’ to book air ticket (Jet airways) worth the fees am would be paying. I explained him that I cannot see any air travel in near future and might not be able to utilise it. Against this I was promised that the code will be used by relationship manager for me and pay me the fees back. After getting reassurance (verbal), I agreed for upgrading the card. I agreed and applied for the upgradation of the card in Jul/2016, however until last week of the Aug/2016, I did not receive the upgraded card due to some address issues. However, in second week of Aug/2016, I received card statement (on email) mentioning the card fees. I informed the relationship manager that I will not pay the fees as I have not received the card yet. I had to make numbers of follow ups and visit the branch for getting the card which caused a lot of inconvenience to me. During this time I was reassured by the bank (branch manager) that I will get the card soon. Later, relationship manager asked me to pay the credit card bill as the due date was near and would have to bear penalty if not paid in time hence I paid the bill. After lots of difficulties and discussions finally I received upgraded card. After 14 days of paying the bill, I received the so called ‘Jet code’ from bank which I provided to the relationship manager (by SMS) as instructed. Since then I am still following him up for the payment which he promised me to pay back. It’s been more than 3 months now and I have not received my money back. Furthermore, when I called that person last time he talked very rudely. The person has stopped replying my calls and messages now. I tired approaching the branch manager many times but found him busy all the time and not available for this discussion. Looking into the entire situation I feel like cheated. The entire incidence caused me a lot of inconvenience, and wasted my plenty of time and energy. On top of this I feel losing my hard earned money so far. Please help me getting my hard earned money back. I have recorded whats app chats which I can provide as proof.

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