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Indigo Airlines - Flight rescheduled without justification

#shame #indigo On my way to Pune from Trivandrum via Bangalore. We were to continue on the same flight and not deplane. Flight number 6e 408. At Bangalore they suddenly tell us that we need to deplane. The time is 4 am. I am travelling with my family and 2 kids. There are many more families with kids. The total number of passengers was about 30. And then they tell us that our flight has been rescheduled to 9.35 am. No justifications given. Everyone was tired and still fuzzy from the shock. On enquiry 4 different reasons were given. Fog. While all other flights were going. Mechanical failure but it was the same flight and many more. This is so inhuman and unprofessional on behalf of Indigo airlines. Kids crying.. hungry elders.. people with onward flights plans for Sunday. All lost.. for what???? Please forward this message and connect me with someone at Indigo. This is the 4th occurrence i have had this month with Indigo. Really shameful.

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