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Indigo Airlines - FRAUDULENT

Dear sir Today I took a flight of indigo 6E 119. From raipur to guwahati.There was a hop at Hyderabad where I departed for refreshment ,no body told me not to depart here. When I enquire at airport where will i Found flight to guwahati from Hyderabad ,they told me that i cannot go back to my flight as it is my mistake that i departed at hop station. I requsted a lot but they un board my check in luggage and flight went. Sir i suffered a lot .I went through mental harrassment and also from a huge financial loss. Sir kindly take some action towards indigo airline as i feel sir this a mistake of airline not of mine because This is my first travl how could i know what to do and what not to do Indigo staff at airport told me that this is a common mistake and everyday passengers suffers like me Sir pl. I hope for your help sir as this is not only with me many more are also suffering like this Thanks Sachin agrawal Flight indigo 6E 119 Pnr QIMZQE Seat 12 A Date 3 march 2017 Mobile 9229277910

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