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Indian ion exchange & chemicals ltd, ahmedabad - Defective machines supplied and avoiding installation

Materials supplied are eyecatching, in the starting they capture you by good food and good words, I congratulate the marketing and product team, but after sale suport who have suffered can tell better. Carelessness, arrogant and incorrect informations given, doesnot care for the customers who suffer, doesnt pick up the phones and never call back for proper support, wastage of time and money, threatening customers after sale if the customer complaints. Good peoples are there but more worthless peoples are there who doesnt know how to deal with customers. Dont know if the director knows this and if knows how is he silent. Or is he helpless wd out ds worthless employees he cannt survive the market. Every business grows if it follows customer is always right else one day will come there will be no customers to do the business. In this online world you cannt do business if you donot give proper after sales support. I brought a turnkey project from them and about 80 percent of machines are defective and after continuous complaints they are silent for last 45 days.and not taking any initiative to correct any defect. If you talk to their technical gm then he is so arrogant that you will never try second time to talk to him, even he threatens you to seize any kind of support. So never go to this organisation if you dont want to waste your money and time.

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