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Indian Railways - taking charge of an express train but poorer than local train.

Pnr-6359778298.i have got loss of Rs25000 because of indian railways.i earn 24000 daily from morning at10till 10pm night.i want fine from Indian railway as I have suffered a loss due to late of train.I spent Rs1400 aprox in ticket .due to train is late I have to buy food items which costed me more than 500. .indian railway is cheating every passanger .Indian railways is taking the charge of an express train but the train is poorer than a local train.if the train is not on time and running more than 24hour late all passengers should be returned money taking only the local charges. In the train there are many passengers who are suffering from some disease and due late of train many passengers get loss in their business and daily earnings.Indian railway should give fine to then of their loss and also return their money which being taken as express train.I am traveling in vikramshila express the train was already late and the train is not running even.

0 Jan 04, 2017 09:01 PM Public Transportation

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