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Indian Railways - Train No. 12296 is late by 4hours and station lacks basic waiting facility for AC2

I have booked 2nd AC ticket of Sanghamitra Express (train no. 12296) from Patliputra Jn. to Krishnarajyapuram. My ticket PNR no is 6660658311. Train is nearly 4 hours late at the origin station itself. Right time of departure is 17:45 but it is expected to depart by 23:55. Origin station Patliputra, recently moved from Patna Jn., do not have basic amenities for a superfast express of such long distance. Station don't have an AC waiting room. In this winter I was compelled to wait under a small shed, along with my wife and son, for 5 hours. I want my compensation for this harassment of my family on the hands of Shameless Indian Railwaays.

0 Dec 31, 2016 09:03 PM Government Organizations

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