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Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation [IRCTC] - Theft of my hand bag in train. No FIR registered by Railway GRP.

On 20th January, 2017 at night 1:50 am a thief snatched my hand bag from me while I was travelling from Agra to Chandigarh through Indoor - Chandigarh Express train. I had a tablet, wrist watch, power banks, cash & many more items in my hand bag. After getting down at Chandigarh, I gave a written complain at Chandigarh Railway GRP. They said that filing FIR would take time and hence they would send the FIR copy through email. When I asked for their contact number, they did not provide their contact number too. I am now in Hyderabad. I have not received the FIR copy yet. I told an auto rickhaw driver of Chandigarh to go to Chandigarh Railway GRP and ask for the FIR number but the officers refused to give him the FIR number saying that they were not aware of any such complaint registered with them.

0 Feb 02, 2017 12:24 PM Public Transportation

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