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Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited - Negligence in increasing EMI

Dear sir, I have home loan account with Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd, with loan account number HHLMAL00088560. I would like to increase the monthly EMI of Rs. 27850 to Rs. 32000. I requested Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited, to increase the EMI from Rs. 27850 to Rs. 32000/ month. I have availed the home loan as a joint account in name of my wife (Shilpa L) and myself and EMI is being deducted in my wife's account. I requested bank to consider the eligibility for both of us to increase the EMI. I have already submitted requisite documents like 6 month's bank statement and 3 months pay details of both of us to Local branch in Malleswaram on 16.01.2017, to check the eligibility. But since then I have sent many mails to customer care and contacted local branch. Last week I again contacted local branch and by luck my call was picked and I was told it is possible to consider only my payment, not my wife's payment to decide eligibility amount for increase in EMI. I was surprised to hear that while sanctioning loan, eligibility of both was considered. The loan is in the name of both. Why they are not considering my wife's payment for eligibility to increase the in EMI. This bank is playing a drama so that if I increase EMI, my tenure will be reduced and they can't mint money.

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