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India Rush - About product delivery

We have ordered two dresses from this site during June 2016 which costs Rs 2498. We got only one of the product and after a lot of calls and requests we got the second product delivered by August 2016. But the second product was entirely different colour and Material. The ordered number of that is 100317214 . So we asked them for a return as that is not the product we wanted. We had to pay Rs 300+300 and sent it twice as they were not collecting the return order from the courier. And again after a lot of calls and request and mails finally by November last they credited our money back to the account wallet. When we tried to order again one of the order which again had two quantity was delivered only with one quantity. This time we contacted them and they said that its our mistake and we are lying and asked to recheck. So we called the consumer complaint cell and filed a complaint. When we informed them about the complaint filled they delivered the product. The complaint number was:101591 We still had some of our money in the wallet and we ordered a few more products because we had no other choice. One of those order got delivered on 30th Jan which was supposed to be a Sling bag of rs 999. The order number was 100542260. When i called this time also they told we are lying. The order package was clearly written the product details but the product is entirely different in color shape size and model. We were delivered two bags which are totally different from which we ordered. During each of these instances the consumer care number wont respond in any manner, They wont pick up the calls they wont reply for mails and even if they pick up they ask us to wait online for around 10 15 minutes and says we have filed for faster action but no action would be there. Now this is the limit of patience any human being can be. We want to sue them and get proper compensation for all they have did. we have spent near 1000 rs for returning, calling etc. And each time we order something we have to pay 40rs separately by debit card which also costed us 200rs. We were just buying for the sake of using the money and this is what happens to us. We beg you to do something as soon as possible as we were running behind this for 6 months wasting our energy,time and money. If we ask to return they will ask us to take return money again from us. We cannot by any chance spent more for them in any case.

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