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Idea Cellular Pvt Ltd - Incorrect charges and privacy issues

This is regards to my idea number, with respect to complaint #C1-79166445236. On 4th Dec around midnight I got 2 SMS from idea cellular stating that Midnight Movies pack has been activated on my number and that I was charged Rs. 180 (2 times) for this service. I realised that there was a virus on my phone which was popping up advertisements and could have led to this and I immediately called idea regarding the SMS's and told them that I have not activated these services and it could be a virus on my phone. Also, I was concerned on how Advertisements can activate services on an Idea number and wanted to understand the privacy of such ads and also why DND is not being followed for such Ads. I spoke to various agents at Idea that midnight and also spoke to a supervisor named Anish Vora who took a complaint on my behlaf and assured me that the charges will be reversed once the bill gets generated. The complaint number is C1-79166445236. At the same time I wrote an email to [email protected] as I was very concerned on how virus's can manage to activate services on our behalf. No one at Idea has information on how these services got activated as they keep saying we don't maintain such information for privacy reasons (which I think is absurd). After all this my bill got generated on 12th Dec and there were these 2 charges (Rs. 180 each) for Midnight Movies for the same period (04-Dec-2016 - 03-Feb-2017). I called Idea customer care and told them about this issue and they took a complaint once again for waiver of charges. After couple of days I got a call from Idea billing department stating that these charges are absolutely correct and they will not be able to waive off them. I am highly frustrated with Idea customer care team as they are not at all professional when attending to customers, they never pass on the call to the supervisor (no matter how much you insist on the same) and then they keep giving false commitments. I want to ensure that someone at Idea takes this complaint seriously and ensures that the charges are waived and at the same time explain to me on how a Virus can activate services on my behalf and how can we ensure that this does not happen again. Also, the Appellate (Mr Devendra) has not replied to my email yet, instead someone else from the customer care team followed up the issue on his behalf which is not the right way to deal with Appellate complaints. If this issue is not resolved at the earliest I will put a case against Idea in the consumer court for vairous reasons and make sure a penalty is charges to them from TRAI. Awaiting a quick response.

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