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Ibibo Group / Goibibo - Refund issue and unprofessionalism

I am writing this complaint in regards to my bad experience with goibibo and a pending issue of refund for a flight cancellation. I had booked a flight for two passengers form Dehra dun to Pune with PNR SB7TWT for 30th December 2016. Due to personal reasons I cancelled the tickets and I was promised a refund of ₹6962 as per the GOIBIBO APPLICATION. A photo of the same has been attached herewith. After cancelling I made a call to the contact number mentioned for customer support. The representative told me that the refund was wrongly quoted in the application and a further deduction of ₹4500 should be made. I was promised a refund of ₹6962 so I stuck to the same, my query was sent to the refund team and I was promised a call back in 24-48 hours which I did not receive. I called again the next day and I was told my the second representative that another query has been forwarded to the refund team and the same will be responded soon. The third time I called I was told my refund has been processed of ₹6002( no satisfactory explanation was given by any of the representatives on many requests), on requesting a bank reference number I was given one. After waiting 24 hours I called my bank and they have received no such refund. I made a fourth call to goibibo and discussed the issue, my phone was disconnected without any call back from the company. On the fifth call I was told that the issue will be addressed to a supervisor and he will call back in 24 hours, again a fake promise because I didn't receive any call. On the sixth call after a lot of discussion the representative again told me I would l receive a call, again failed to do the same. After a few more calls finally the supervisor spoke to me and promised to look into the issue and would definitely give me a call in 24 hours, which I got at 10.30 pm (whatever happened to professionalism). I told the representative to call back the next day and they again failed to do so. I then called three times and my phone was disconnected by the representatives (on purpose) and did not call me back which in my opinion is again highly unprofessional. In between this process I got a call from goibibo because I gave an unsatisfactory review for one of them, requesting me to take back my bad review and yet no call to address my refund issue. After a lot of discussion (13th Dec) the representative mentioned that my refund of ₹6002 was initiated on 24th November, but still I haven't received any mail specifying the details of the same. Apart from this I had made a booking at Nirvana hotel through goibibo at rishikesh (Booking id HTL6Q6TYPT) on 24th November 2016 and the money was immediately deducted from my account and the booking was confirmed. In regards to this booking I got a call on 30th November from the hotel manager that the booking was not possible as goibibo had not updated the application with the hotel being booked out. I was relying on the booking and if I get a confirmation along with a deduction from my bank account, I see no reason to doubt the confirmation. After a week if I get a call, all the other bookings were full and I had no choice. This has again caused high inconvenience and was really unprofessional on goibibo's part. Plus, there was no kind of compensation which I fairly deserve as a customer. I am highly disappointed and have taken enough steps on my behalf to try to sort it out but there is a limit. I am left with no choice but to write this mail so that an action is taken and I can receive my refund back without any further delay. I request you to look into the matter and take necessary steps at the earliest.

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