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IDBI Bank - Politics and Partiality in bank

about IDBI bank... bank opened today after 3 hollidays. many customer were in the queue.. one im who stood in queue. till 12 o clock. Bank employee said there was no money in bank so wait till 2 o clock. and they started distributes the token. i got token. afternoon money reached the bank.. they started dustribute money after 2 o clock. but unfortunately i misplaced coupen cuz i had another work also in bank.. during shuffling docx i misplaced.. at 4:00 pm i got news bank has stopped distribute money due to cash problem.. it was surprised news cuz bank opened after 3 days and within two hours they stopped money. bank guards didnt allow to come inside bank but after efferts i went inside. nobdy giving me correct information. they jst saying without coupen nobdy get money and they were not ready to distributes the coupen at 4:00 pm. But i was watching whats happening... When i saw a moment I REALLY SHOCKEDDD.. branch cmployee MR. RANJEET he has some cheque and drafts he helped somebdy to takeout cash without COUPEN.. i went to cashier she said take permission from Ms PRIYANKA.. i asked to MS PRIYANKA that i misplaced my token.. but without listen my complete query she ignore me and said who told u my refrence i said cashier she said i cnt do anything she didnt bahave me like a customer. she sent me Mr HIMANSHU he said i dont knw who are u.. i said i got coupen but i misplaced he said we cant do anything just go out from bank.. wht is this.... i have account in bank. i have full right to go in bank till closing time.. but MR. HIMANSHU said just go come tomorrow.. I told him MR. RANJEET did these kind of activities.. He called MR RANJEET he said yes i did nd i ll do ever but not for u.. REALLY I VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THESE PEOPLE MR. RANJEET .MR HIMANSHU. MS PRIYANKA.. without teaching attuquates why them hired..

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