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ICICI Bank - Wong deliver and info about icici credit cards by icici credit card sales agency

My self nitin menon had received a call from icici credit card sales agency few weeks back. During the call they said its icici hpcl card with no yearly fees and charges. Later i got the card and it was a jet privilage card. On 23 feb i got a call from icici sales team it was to inform the benifit of the card, where to a surprise i was informed that i would be charged INR 1250 and anual fees. To which i had called up sales person prachi to confirm the same and she said that it was hpcl credit card that she had offered with no annual fees. When i informed her about the card i received she said that bcoz of my salary bank had upgraded the card. But for the matter of fact i was not been informed about the same. Later i asked her to connect to the teamleader or manager on the floor. She handed over phone to one of her colleague and later call was transferred to her supervisoe pratamesh. I informes him the issue and asked him to sms me email address for customer service to raise the issue. He informed me that he will message me the same and also check with the team for the issue and get back to me in 30 min. Which has not been dont. Later at 1:45 pm again i called up prachi were she informed that its lunch break and will ask pratamesh to call me by 2:15pm again which did not happen. Today on 24 feb i tried calling prachin on the cell number but call was not answered. Kindly look in to this and do the needful. Regards Nitin 9987274725/7045988453

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