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ICICI Bank - Unsafe credit card of ICICI bank and bank reluctant to solve fraudulent point of sale transaction

Fraudulent transaction in POS of icici bank credit card of RS 60000 in Mumbai Unistore without actual card,without pin,without my pan card which questions the security of the card and bank's internal involvement Now bank is reluctant to solve the issue and has not taken any responsibility or Initiative for the fraud transaction which has happened without any fault of mine Bank has charged me penalty and interest for non payment of fraudulent transaction For last one month I am submitting documents without any results. I had to proove that I was in Kolkata which also I have sent I want to get an answer of my mental harassment, work time loss,and indifference of ICICI bank credit card Piyali Roy Chowdhury 9903091411

0 Jan 23, 2017 10:08 PM Banks

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