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Howard and Johnson - We have paid 5111 as a a couple entry and someone helped in escaping the person incolving on the incident of sexual abuse and switched off the light so that they don't any evidences and No one including the cops recreated to the incident when we asked them to check the cctv footage

I was sexually abused by a guy who kept on approaching me during this new year party at Howard and Johnson at thanisandra main road ,Bangalore . There was someone among the staff who was taking a video of the whole incident ,and when I tried reacting towards it ,they switched off the lights and forced me out of the place knowing the fact that I was harmed in some way or the other and it was someone whom they helped in fleeing off including the bouncers . The manager of the place was the worst person to react to a situation like this ,instead of helping me he was forcing us out and trying to get me behind the bars by calling the police who were a mere spectacle when I tried approaching them . It seems like it's a usual theme at this place that a woman is manhandled by the managers and the staff of this place and she doesn't even get to say what she has faced to anyone . I want the compensation and the concerned person behind the bars including the manager of this place who played the major role in this incident . The whole crowd bear witness to this incident and supported me but nothing was done about it . It's like a voice open in the air with No one to listen to it . I want justice .

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