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user_icon - Worst experience for laptop repair service: no bill, damaged my laptop

I have booked a laptop repair service from housejoy. The consultant charged me 2600 for the total repair...the bill was sent for 800...when asked for spare parts bill, he said will email it but did laptopwas returned without proper fix, problem existed.Had to call again and found out speaker not working...he said might be a connection fix and took my laptop back morning calls and informs me laptop speakers are damaged.. when asked and complained that speaker were fine before, the consultant called evening and said speaker working delivered my laptop...but again neither my bluetooth connection is working nor the screen...charging soo much...and multiple followups...worst company and worst consultants working in here...DO NOT trust the company with your valuables...charged and now i am here with no fix and instead getting additional problems for my laptop which never existed

0 Mar 12, 2017 02:49 AM Home and Garden

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