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Honda 2 Wheelers India - regarding irresponsible of dealer & engineer on my New Honda Activa 4g

hi sir/mam, i am Arelli saijagan i have purchased Honda Activa 4g. 15th march 2017 from "Sairama Krishna Honda". from the day of purchase i got trouble with my vehicle after noticing that next day i went to showroom to know problem.But whenever i go, they asked me to come on the next after the 9th day 24/03/2017. i met dealer directly and said everything about the issue. He intimated to mechanic and engineer to check the vehicle. finally mechanic found the problem.the problem was with vibrator rollers in which out of 6, 2 rollers were damaged (for the new vehicle) the worst thing, the mechanic intimated about the rollers problem with the dealer and engineer then they said to mechanic simply clean and close the box even-though it was damaged inserted normally by closing the mechanic.While closing the mechanic didn't fit the bolts properly by this it was hardly damaged near the crank rod which i had came to know after 10 days the next day on words i had same issue on the vehicle. I went to the showroom they said me to come next day morning so i went at 9 am sharp to the showroom and handed over the vehicle to engineer he checked every thing and asked me to come by 3 pm sharp. So i went to the showroom. Till that time he did't touch my vehicle i went and asked then he started checking the vehicle. He opened and seen everything and said there was a problem in clutch plate so he said me come after 10 days without solving the problem, after this incident i sent a mail to customer authority nearly 7-8 time but i did't got any response from them. the next day when i again sent a mail i got a call from Bangalore number ( 8049690000) she said that she will speak to the dealer and get back to me. But no response from her i waited nearly 3 days after that i got a call from showroom and they changed clutch plate which was not a 4g activa's and returned my vehicle back next morning i opened my vehicle seat i saw nut bolts which was un fitted and throughout in the dickey i intimidated about this to the dealer the irresponsible of worst mechanics and engineer he said me that he will take an action on them but there was no action when i went to showroom the mechanic reversed on me after this incident also they solve the problem of my vehicle.Its goes on continuing, again i went to the showroom on 03-04-2017 they saw my vehicle nearly 5-6 hours no one came able to open the vibrator roller which was very hard so finally by taking my gear box set to road side mechanic because no one can handle my bike in the showroom even engineer doesn't know have to handle the situation.Due to this my bike was dismantled disturbed every thing by technical parts due to the irresponsible worst mechanics and engineer by this incident am totally disappointed and spoiled my health and wealth by roaming around these honda showroom. Finely the on the 1 st servicing date i took my vehicle to the showroom by thinking that the problem may solves by this time but after servicing now my vehicle not even starting i am going out by bicycle by keeping my new vehicle in home purchasing a new vehicle i even told them i will go to consumer forum there is no response form them. So please help me on exchange of new vehicle from them because by purchasing this vehicle i spoiled my health and wealth i am from lower middle class family hope you will do this need full thanking you

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