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Homeshop 18 company ‐ hacking of bank account If my bank account will hack then it is your responsibility as I have noted you many times through email. And still if you don’t help us then we will go to media. cyber cell kolkata From dated 24.02.17 jyoti singh representative of homeshop18 has taken my bank details and till date they have not refund our Rs.1000 and here I want to ask the question that then why they have taken my bank details and if anything happened with my bank account then homeshop18 and you is responsible for it. and there email is attached below. We have given bank details though email to them and also in phone and I have call recording of it which poof that I have given all details along with the spelling and she has also repeated the my bank details for conformation. Not single company does not keep bank details more than 3 days but hs18 for so many days and still it is pending to refund our account so there must be some reason for what they kept our bank details without any fund transfer. Pialy R. Pandya / 9051871878 Rishi Pandya / 8017136130 Jyoti Singh Feb 24 (8 days ago) to me, Anshu Dear Mrs. Pandya, Greetings from Home shop18! In regards to your order number: 1009012627. As per our verbal communication, we request you to please allow us 7‐8 working days to initiate order refund via cheque in the name of PIALY R PANDYA. Please share below mentioned required details to deposit the refund cheque in your bank account. Bank account name: Bank account number: IFSC Code: Bank branch: Your registered contact number in bank: We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

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