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Flood company do not buy anything everyone this is a message to every new &old people who purchased at hs18 please read this message. before purchase hs 18 ..hs18company is a flood. He makes fool to our customers and catching the customers money he selling cheap quality product which does not have any brand name on the product. I bought 10 set of hompro led bulbs with a ikall mobile phone on21 Feb 2017 I paid 1200 rs to hs 18 there is no brand name on the bulbs I received damage product all bulbs are damage and fuse and mobile battery is also not work.i call hs18 on same day and I ask to return my money .he asks I note refund your money you go service for any issue I summit product in service centre on 22 Feb 2017 the service centre person asked there are no parts are available and he give me dates and dates I send jobsheet on hs 18 mail but there is no benefit my complaint no is HS2017031001794 and sub order I'd of product is 145607229 he also asked plz wait 2days 4days and today is 19 march 2017 my product is in service centre and he not refund my money so plz peoples don't purchase any product to hs 18 the company is a flood and attracts the customers he shows on TV our products are branded at best deals and cheap price it is a strategy to catch the customers in our trap and block money...I need refund my money

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