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Holidays planer - Fraud Cheating

I got a call on 6th Oct 2017 from Chirag. He told me that my name has been selected as i make many transaction via payment gateways so for this purpose they have an offer for me IPHONE 6S or Laptop at a price of 9988/- only. Earlier i said no to them but they said if u dont trust us make the payment via credit card and choose option as EMI where only 868/- rupees will only be deducted. I agreed and opted for IPHONE6S they sent me link to my email ID via [email protected] after clicking that link screen came where i have to directly make the payment of 9988/- i did and the transaction was successful. I said i didnt got any EMI option. they told me not to worry we would deliver u ur mobile in 4-5 days and hunged up. I got second mail from them that congratulation your payment has been received. They also shared me with their mobile Number: 7503575950. Now no one is responding on calls nor on mails. I have been cheated. Later i checked on google there many such cases and the amount was same 10 thousand. Just thinking how much they would be earning by making fool to people like us. Need to stop this. Please Help me. My number: 7045560054

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