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Hewlett Packard - Laptop servicing

I bought one hp laptop from amazon online site on December, 2016. After 10-15days later i faced a problem of hard disk. Then i called to amazon customer centre and they refused to exchange it because after 10days i called them. So they can not do anything. Then i called to hp service centre. It was january,2017. One person came and check that there is an issue, after wasting my whole day, he took it away to service centre. Few days later they said that problem solved, so they delivered me the same but i checked that prob is not solved and same problem is dere. Again i called to the westbengal eastern zone(Midnapur) service centre, again one person came, check it thoghouly and identified the issue and again he took it away to service centre , they took january, february 2months for all these. Now its march going on. After repetitive cakk they delivered me laptop and told me that prob has been solved. But same problem is there and they did nothing. I asked their cordinator to replace my laptop bcause it is within the warrenty period. But they r not replacing it and also they are unable to solve problem, harrasing me repititively. I am very much fed up with this. Cant tolerate anymore. Please do something.

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