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Health department of india - Small of chemical gases comes to our houses

Respected Sir, I the resident of ulhasnagar camp no. 3,will like to inform you that at every Wednesday/Thursday midnight to morning the smell of chemical gases comes to our houses which are in the residential areas. Due to the smell of chemical gases we are unable to breath properly and we feel diseases like vomiting,headache,stomach ache and many more.This incident was also happened two years ago also due to which 300 to 400 residents of ulhasnagar 3 were hospitalised in the central hospital of ulhasnagar and some were hospitalised in the private hospital also. I request you to look on this matter and take action as soon as possible as this is a very serious matter because this can harm to many peoples and so are affected now also. Thanking you Your faithfully Hari chawla.

0 Jan 05, 2017 02:56 AM Health and Beauty

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