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Head turners - issues

Last Wednesday (April 5, 2017), my brother had visited Head Turners, Sector 5 for a haircut. He has been getting his hair cut from this salon from past couple of months.However, this time the hairdresser, Shamim, ended up giving him a cut on the back of his neck while roughly using the blades on him. Despite that, Shamim did not bother to tell my brother about the injury or even apply any basic antiseptic cream or aftershave lotion. After returning home, my brother realised that there was a cut on his neck and started applying antiseptic cream on that portion at regular intervals. However, the horror started when the cut turned into a boil sort of thing and it began to look like a serious wound. We advised him to immediately see a doctor and my brother didn’t waste any time. The doctor (Dr Susanta Ghosh of Columbia Asia hospital) informed that the cut was highly infectious and a lot puss was formed inside. He had to immediately operate on him as there was no other option, the doctor said. The salon, on their part, was first reluctant to share the number of their owner and later made a general apology to my brother. The reason why I am posting this on social media is to make you all aware about the horrendous prospects of an ordinary visit to the salon. Things could have been much better had the hairdresser taken some immediate action or been more responsible towards one his regular customers. If this is how they treat old customers than imagine their apathy towards someone who is new.please take drastic step immediately

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