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Haris Vision - Unprofessional photographers

They are the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL GUYS i would have known in my whole lifetime.. i dont think they have any good experience in shooting wedding videos.. they talk to you in a very convincing way in starting but their work is VERY POOR... Dont waste your money on them.. i was also fooled by their words when they said they have shot for people from filmline as well.. but post wedding i had a very hard time with these guys.. they made me wait literally 3months to get my album and video after lots of follow ups.. If i have to talk about their video quality, my relatives asked me if its actually a professional wedding video or something shot casually with a handycam.. they dont know when and where to shoot... helicam was part of the package -but they ran it for only very few mins.. they dont know how to do video editing properly either.. even after asking them to make mutiple corrections here and there , its still not good.. With helicam , they shot the areas where people arent there at all and when we asked to edit that piece, they completely removed the helicam part itself from the video.. i dont know what i paid for... Ridiculous it is... For photo album-they used the excuse iniitally that i didn't share the photos to put and sequence fron raw copy they gave.. but even after giving that they took two and half months to deliver.. they asked to send the sequence of photographs over mail first.. and after a month, they said they cant follow it over mail and need soft copy in pendrive.. even after giving that ,they have put the photos and sequence as per their choice... they took almost 200+ photographs for outdoor photoshoot, but in album i see only 3-4 photographs... I am going to share my feedback on all the online forums possible so that i can expose these guys and atleast prevent others from wasting their money... These guys have no idea that Wedding is something which comes once in a lifetime and how much care you should put while attending to it.. Guys- there are lot of other better options in market who charge much less and provide much better stuff..

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