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HTC - Mobile handset is technically not OK from the first day of purchase and I need refund

Dear Sir/Mam, I had purchased HTC Desire 282 Dual Sim on 25.07.2016. There was a problem in the handset of network drop from the first day of purchase. The dealer assured me on the time that there must be a problem of network operator or the SIM has network issue. Then I talked to my network operator about the issue. They checked the status and called me back after 7 days if the problem has been solved. But the problem of network was the same. Then I applied for PORT to change my network operator. After 7 days I joined AIRTEL as my new operator. But the problem of network was as same as it was earlier where other handsets shows proper network. Now I am using Idea and AIRTEL as my new network operator. Then I went to the dealer to complaint about this issue. He asked me to leave the handset to check. I left my handset over there for about 15 days. After 15 days I went there to collect it. After two days the same problem continued. Then I went to the service center to check that problem. The engineer opened the back cover and checked and returned me the handset after 2 hours of waiting in the service center. The problem was resolved on the time but it continued after some days again. I visited the service center for many times but they didn't satisfy and the problem remain the same. They never log any complaint for the issue. Now a new problem has arisen with the earlier problem in state. The display is blinking and the network get connected after restarting the handset. I submitted the handset on service center on 21.12.2016 but problem has not been resolved yet. They asked me to inquire about the handset on 26.12.2016 (Tuesday). I went there on Wednesday but they told me that parts are unavailable and are unable to assure me when I could collect it and asked me to inquire on 2nd of January 2017. I talked to Mr. Faiz (Senior Supervisor) in customer care. He assured me to wait till 5th of January 2017 so that it could be put under observation for quality check. Now he is saying that parts are unavailable and asking me to wait more 10 days. In the 5 month of period from the date of purchase I have bear many problems with this handset and had to go 8 to 10 times to the service center where the problem is from the first day of purchase, no one is able to help me in this case. No one is able to assure me that there will be no problem generate further. I need refund of this handset. I request you to help me in this case. I am providing you details of service report attached under Name: Deepak Agarwal Contact: 9557508030, 9359527074 Job Sheet No: W5S16122100020 IMEI: 352532078243017 IMEI: 352532078263015 S/N: GD655Z502136

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