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HDFC Bank - Making false promises to sell credit card

Dear sir, I had applied for my credit card on 9th Jan 2016 through a person who came as a representative from HDFC bank. He was from HBL global now called as HBB finance. The person name was Iklak who works under sm Rajesh. He had given me a option saying that either give any utility bill or u can go for a offer called payzapp activation. By any of the two, my card will be lifetime free. I had opted for payzapp activiation. Now my credit card number when I put in the payzapp app, it is showing as invalid number. I have already changed my pin. I called customer support, then he told me that the charges appearing in the system is 2875. And he is telling that there is no option called as payzapp activation to make the card life time free. Kindly resolve my complaint at the earliest. My mobile number is 9987449561. I have attached the photo of the offer form he gave me where I had ticked payzapp activation. If there is no such offer and I will be charged for the card, then I request u to take back this charge without any charges. Regards, Kamlesh Jain

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