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HDFC Bank - Hdfc Credit cards charge's

I have running a credit card with Hdfc Bank.i have purchasing from my card with RS 20776 / and his due date was 12 may 2017 as per date I have paid 20000/ to my credit card payment due to I was not confirmed with my total bill so RS 776.00 was pending When next month I got the bill I have seen company has taken charges with RS 3016 /against my pending bill of RS 776/ when I have complained to customer care saying "this is genuine charges so I can not take complained for the same Rather on those times I was not aware with this kinds of penalty So my request is that kindly reverse my charges otherwise I will complained till MD OR RBI Name Prashant Gupta 485499XXXXXX4767 Mob no 8449330100

0 Jun 03, 2017 12:43 PM Banks

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