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HDFC Bank - Got debit of 22000k for credit card not usd from 3/4 yrs

I am the customer of Hdfc bank from last 10 yrs 7/8 yrs before i got credit card for this i paid almost amount five time greater i have used bank have dispose my credit card 4 yrs back and from then i have not used the card i have call to customer care abou not received card they said they have dispose it and now the bank ppl have charge me late fees 700- bill finance charges - 700 -- service tax 200 this way they charge me 1600 per month the amount i have not use then why should i pay such big amount i have informed bank to close this but they not did the needful and the amount gine up to 22k and they forcefully removed this amount from my personal account as from 20 day i was in touch with their agency they was giving me settlement letter for this for 12000 k but they also have taken my time will check and call u but they didnt i personally call the to close this but they didnt and now sudden the forcefully debited my personal account i request consumer form to help me to get back atleast 50% mount from bank as now my finance condition is very bad so request u to help me in this

0 Dec 16, 2016 07:07 AM Banks

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