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HDFC Bank - Excess payment refund not executed by the bank

Dear Mr.Puri, Mr.Rao, Greetings! Have a Regalia card. I made a transfer of INR 82904/- from my hsbc savings account towards payment of my monthly outstanding. Apparently I had already set an instruction on my Internet banking and inadvertently duplicated  it. This led to the amount being debited twice on 06thDec 2016, Total of  165808/- instead of INR 82904. This is where my horrendous experience with credit card customer care began. Took me 17 minutes at 7.30am to connect to the customer care.Fair enough! Can expect heavy queue. Mr.Tribhovan was explained the entire case and he mentioned that the amounts were reflecting in the system and will get credited the next day. Requested him to place a request for effecting a refund due to payment made twice. He mentioned his inability to take the request and asked me to call the next day. Well,I did not ask him to initiate the refund process immediately but place a request which can be updated on records for processing the next day instead of asking me to call again. He refused and insisted I do, this in spite of letting him know of the time it takes to connect to the customer care. On requesting him to connect me to the supervisor on floor he kept me on hold for a good 10 minutes after which the line was disconnected. 35 minutes gone! I call again after 15 minutes and was answered by a Lady officer who was explained  the same scenario again. She mentions that the credit is reflecting but will take 45 days to 60 days for the refund to be initiated. On informing her that this was not a merchant dispute and a case of dual payments made towards my monthly outstanding she mentioned that it was erroneously confirmed by her. She too repeated the same thing of asking me to call the next day and her ability to take the request for refund in spite of telling her that the request can be taken however can be processed after 2 days as well. She refused! Again on asking her to please get the supervisor on floor to speak to me she places the call on hold and there  you go. ... endless wait for another 10 minutes and the line is disconnected!!! 15 minutes wasted here! I call the third time after half an hour and then greeted by a gentleman. After explaining the entire details once again, I heard the same thing. I did ask him his name to which he refused to give. He asked me why did I need to know his name. That was one shocking response that a customer care executive can give to a customer. Not impressed with that response I threatened him to escalate it after which he gave his name as Sanjay. I did not have the inclination to speak to him anymore and hence ask him to connect me to the supervisor which he got me connected to after 10 minutes. I can't recollect  the name of the supervisor, but he mentioned that he would exceptionally take a request to initiate the refund. I thanked him and ask him to please explain what is exceptional in this case as all I was asking them to do was not make me call again given the fact that it takes a long time to connect and hence place a request while I am speaking to them to be effected  after 24 hours. He mentioned that the process does not permit him however he will exceptionally place a request. I requested him to transfer the funds to my savings account from where the transaction was effected i.e.HSBC. he then mentioned that they cannot do a transfer but issue a pay order which will be dispatched to my mailing address. I informed him that I can issue a letter duly signed by me along with a copy of my cancelled cheque of the bank account and my bank statement with a copy of my PAN card or any other identity proof to support my request to have NEFT done instead of sending me the instrument. This would have is the mode of refund and would have been faster instead of tracking the courier, putting the cheque for clearing it etc! Futile !!!!!!! Buy now I had already had enough and realised that was breaking my head against the wall. First , getting disconnected from the line after being kept on hold twice. Second the way how the customer care executive responded to a customers grievance. There was no intent to actually hear the customers request which was not out of the world and was a simple request to initiate the refund after 24 hours and simply place a request for actioning without me requiring to call again since I had already spoken to 3 execs to do the needful.  Frustrated I called up Mr Parag Raos landline and the lady who answered the phone was patient enough to give me a hearing.   she asked me to send a letter to the Chennai credit card department along with my request letter the bank statement and my ID proof with a copy of the cancelled cheque for them to take it forward. I shall have the same sent across on 7th of December which should be received on the 8 of December.  I've had a horrible experience with the customer care and being a Banker myself for 17 years (across front line, Risk, Operations & more importantly CUSTOMER SERVICE.... can very well vouch for it that this is not the way how customer care should handle a customers. It's not always about going by the books, going by the process. One needs to be sensible and sensitive enough to understand if there is a genuine issue what can be done to address it. It is very easy to say a NO to a customer... without making any attempt to check with the next level or the next level if a request can be exceptionally processed. Customers need was not understood and neither was an attempt made to understand what I was trying to say. This is simply going by the rule book without giving any heed to what the customer is requesting may genuinely be possible and would  require to put forth a case to the appropriate authority. I am not advocating that one should dilute the process, expose the bank to risk, but a common sense approach or a thought process to be applied. What are the mitigants that are in place if an exception is being made is something which bankers look from a risk perspective before agreeing to execute an exception.  You can't keep a customer on hold for eternity and not come back to him every minute if he is kept on hold. If the line was disconnected or dropped, one should have the customer contacted by the supervisor, arrange a call back and not expect the customer to call again and have a pleasant conversation. Having said this I would request you to kindly reflect on my feedback,  which stems from the fact that I come from old school of thoughts as far as Customer Service Delivery is concerned. Customer care executives are the face of the bank even though they are not actually facing the customer. I was extremely horrified and disappointed with the way how I was handled at the customer care.I had no intentions to bother you with this long email however I couldn't resist bringing it to your attention on the entire chain of events. In this era of competitive market the only differentiator is 'Customer Service' which each and every banker engaging with customers should baseline his thoughts every day. My humble request is to initiate the refund directly into my hsbc account from where the transfer was made. To that effect I will be sending a signed letter along with a copy of my cancelled cheque of HSBC  Bank where I hold my account and my bank statement  which would reflect the debits which has occurred twice. I have other EMIs and loan payments which are due for debit in the next two to three days and my account is currently out of funds. Hence would request you to kindly assist with the refund through NEFT and not via a time consuming process of sending a pay order to my mailing address. Will also send a copy of these documents through my registered email ID in the interest of time  and for  speedy processing as well.   Saurabh from hdfc customer care asked me to send the bank statement,letter from my registered email ID  to his email which I already did today. He now mentioned that the Chennai team has mentioned they will do it only to the refund of the excess amount of INR 81904 VIA NEFT after 3 days. He tried  to help. Given the exigency and we are now sitting on the 4th day since 06th December,I fail to understand why can't the NEFT be done today when all the required approvals are already procured. Saurabh mentioned that it is a generic team in chennai which has to do it and they have refused!! he can't do anything.  when asked, if he had escalated it appropriately in chennai, he mentioned that he is leasing with the generic team there... and they would do it whenever they can. It is so difficult to sensitize staff. 'I understand' is a generic statement which is not felt...empathized or meant!!!! I asked him... when the NEFT window is there till 6... why can't it be done today???? My EMIS have hit the account and they are bouncing...!!! I am short of 82000. Rest be assured, I'm convinced that staff in HDFC are least bothered as far as Customer Service Delivery goes and it doesn't make a difference in their BAU even if there is a Senior Management escalation.  PROVES from the irony that no one from the Grievance Redressal has bothered to call me since the last 36 hours, shows how effective your grievance Redressal is if directed to a senior management !! If MY EMIS bounce today, I will seek compensation from you guys as this is reputational loss for me.  I don't know if accountability is fixed, if staff are asked to own customers, take ownership!!! I have to take recourse on other platforms if the funds are not credited by day end today. THERE is no reason for HDFC to hold my funds until 4 more days especially when approvals to process have been received... as confirmed by supervisor Saurabh. He sounded helpless when he mentioned that the Chennai ops team is not doing it . .. and if I could escalate further to get the neft done today as he was helpless and doesnt know why they are not processing. It's been 6 days and the bank has yet not refunded in spite of writing to ceo.. head cards... and no respons3. Regards , Nitin  9920938391

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