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HDFC Bank - Credit card payment has been doubled charged and Late payment fees has faultly charged

I have been using the HDFC bank Credit card for last more then 1 year with out any late payment or cheque bounces, 1. They did not processed my cheque on time after writting an email they are rpling that i have mentioned a wrong credit card number. 2. So i made the payment of credit card through net banking on 10th of Dec 2016. 3. After some days they processed my same cheque and deducted the amount from my account. 4. That means they have charged me twice. 5. On top of that HDFC have charged me late payment fees. 6. My bill was generated on 16th of Dec 2016. In that Bill they have adjusted the amount that to with the late payment charges. i want my late payment fees back and also my money. 7. I have several time given the complain and also call on the customer care many time with the same issue but no one is giving me a proper rpl. 8. Only time i got the call from the HDFC bank but after asking the name the lady on the call cut downs the call and did not gave a call any more.

0 Dec 20, 2016 09:30 PM Unauthorized charges

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