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HDFC Bank - Auto debited the amount. A facility not registered and initiated.

On 02/02/2017, 182.33/- was auto debited by HDFC through smartpay, which I had never initiated or got registered to Vodafone. I've no liabilities left with Vodafone and had cleared all the prorata amount. When contacted the HDFC customer care, they advised me to talk to Vodafone.When I contacted Vodafone, and after series of mails, Vodafone asks me to talk to HDFC for refund. One thing is clear, both have agreed to refund the amount, but who will do the honors, if not clear! HDFC would route me to Vodafone and Vodafone to HDFC. Am I a fool? I'm not begging, I'm asking for the refund what rightly belongs to me. Inspite of escalating it to Nodal officer and MD of Vodafone & hDFC resp. No solution is provided as who would refund!

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