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Go Airlines (India) Ltd - Harrasment

I had a flight on 10th of March 2017 which was earlier scheduled at 20:45 from Hyderabad to Kolkata but flight got delayed by 1 hour i,e., at 21:45 PM according to their website and I reached baggage counter at 20:55 pm which was definitely 45 minutes before the time of departure and I also had the soft copy of boarding pass because I did web check in. But when I went to Go Air counter they just simply lied that flight has been departed they didn't allowed me to onboard. They put me on hold by saying that you are late which I was definitely not. And they didn't listened my words, kept me on hold till flight got departed. I was tracking on the website of go air that when flight got departed then I came to know that flight was actually departed at 21:56 PM. When I showed them then they said we are new in Hyderabad we dont have printer and all and in penalty they gave me a ticket of next flight which was at 7:55 AM on 11th of march. They harrsed me till 12:30 midnight because of no reason. My 12 hours got wasted because of them and mental harassment was just too much. They keep arguing till 12:30 AM. And they don't even took the responsibility of my security issue that being a girl where i'll stay and where I'll go at midnight. Its ok that they gave me ticket for next flight but what about my wastage of time and those harassments which I got. And also on next morning flight they allotef same seats to 2 passengers, and that happened with many seats. Again another kind of torchar. I need a proper action against this airline so that they won't repeat this irresponsible behavior again.

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