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Globe capital market ltd (NSE & BSE Trading memship) - forgery into our account with them

we Navnit Nanubhai Rana(ED793) and my wife Geeta NavnIt Rana(ED791) had opened trading account against request of Mr Javed Solanki and Mr Ganesh Nair their mumbai office representative and had assured us that they will not do any speculation into my account with them since we have transferred the shares amounting together around Rs 25 lacs at the time of opening account with them on 04.09.2014 and toad the valuation of our portfolio would have reach not less than Rs45 lacs . we have approach SEBI against them to secure justice and guity should be punish but all in vain . But we subsequently found that our signature was forged and temper by them in all legal documents which was submitted to them and this both have done unbridled speculation into our accounts and resulted that our entire portfolio created in 15 years or more got washed out for their personal gains. e when we found our signature had been forged and all documents are tempered we have approach cuffee parade police staion and had filed complaint against this both on 20.04.2016 but till date no action had been initiated against this both. On 02.12.2017 we have lodged RTI against cuffee Parade police station what took so long to file complaint and initiate actions against the guilty vide docket no 481327. But still sir we are not able to recover our money and are still grouping dark to secure justice Against culprit. please give priority to my problem as this was our provident fund money and this both for their personal gain had done this blunder and eventually we have lost such a big money.

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