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Gleam Technologies - Giving False Information about my form filling work

I have enrolled in Gleam technologies for Online Form filling Job with cost of Rs.1800/- which is non refundable project for 1 year contract on 21 Dec 2015. I started working in my leisure time and completed by filling 3860 forms. As per their agreement each forms payment is Rs.1.00 and 0.50 paise for multiple forms. They have locked my account after my contract period got finished i.e., on 22 Dec 2016. And from that date I was frequently calling them for my payment eligibility over phone and emails. but they did not activated my forms until the said date. Now all of sudden they have sent me email stating that i am eligible for payment the details are Number Of Records 3860 Activated Records 213 Multiple Activated Records 417 Not Activated Records 0 Rejected Records 3247

0 Jan 25, 2017 05:09 PM Job and Career

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