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Dear Sir, I am to bring to your notice cases of extreme cheating and dishonesty on the part of a travel agency Ghumlo India through whom I and my husband undertook a tour of Gujarat involving cities of Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Dwarka, Somnath, Diu, Junagarh (Sasan Gir), and Rajkot from 27 December 2016 to 02 January 2017. In their offer the tour agency mailed us a list of three star hotels with breakfast and dinner included in the tariff during the halts at the above places. They asked us to pay half of the amount for booking and promised to send us booking of the hotels, conveyance particulars and other necessary details. To our shock and surprise, after half of the amount was sent to them they sent us the booking list of hotels different from what they had supplied earlier. We personally confirmed from the hotels on phone and found that except atJamnagar and Dwarka (Romo Kristo) none of the hotels was three starnor even equilant . The hotels inquiry also confirmed that the tariff included only stay and breakfast while dinner had to be on our own. On our seeking clarification, the tour agencies re-confirmed that the hotels were three star and dinner would be provided. At this we requested the agency to pay our money back that they refused flatly and insisted that rest of the 50% must be paid to them failing which the advance paid to them would be forfeited. At the same time they went on insisting the hotels were three star and dinner was included besides breakfast. They also promised to talk to the hoteliers and promised that in case of any mishap, the hotels bills would be reimbursed by them. We therefore were virtually blackmailed into sending them rest of the 50% amount. During the entire tour we found that except at Dwarka, the hotels were very very ordinary, with dirty and torn bed sheetsdirty toilets and poor room service.. Specially the hotel at Rajkot was absolutely pedestrian and very shabbily maintained. The breakfast that this hotel provided was from a street vendor that we naturally refused to take. Since at all places no dinner was provided free by the hotels, we mailed all the dinner bills to the agency that also they refused to pay in spite of repeated promises to reimburse. Beside the harassment and dishonest dealings by the company Ghumlo India, we are also pained to draw the attention to the derogatory and insulting behaviour of one of their employee Nitin who is in charge of hotel Reservation who blackmailed us to pay off the amount in advance warning that if it is not done, the advance 50% paid would be forfeited. He also used foul and derogatory language while talking to us. Those who are taking this company help in booking tour please never never go to them otherwise in the end you will only regret.I have gone through one review written by a couple who have underwent same situations as we have gone through .but now I myself regret that I should have taken that review seriously and should not have gone to book the tour through ghumloindia.\ They are taking advantage of us thinking we are senior citizen and we wont be able to do anything .I have waited for 2 wks as Mr Karan Singh Bisht Manager Sales wrote that he will pay the amt and asked to send the bank details but till now no response. He stopped replying to my mail and message so now I have come to the consumer Forum. Iam attaching the mail in which there is proof that what he promised .Please do the needful and help in getting our dinner amount,Mr Karan is having all the bills presented by us

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