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Gadgetwood - quality of the product

I bought a mobile LETV le 1s from shopclues on oct 28th 2016. It had gadgetwood warranty of 6months. A few days back my mobile fell from my hand to the floor and thats no even 1feet tall and its display got a crack. When i contacted Shopclues they said they nothing to do with it, you should contact i contacted them. Gadgetwood's saying that its a physical mistake and i wont have my phone serviced by then and i wont get a warranty cause its display is damaged. In the phones spec its said that it has got gorrila glass and you wont need to have a tempered glass , its diaplay wont happen to break or even have a crack. I had a tempered glass on my display and apart from cracking my tempered glass this "their precious gorrila glass " got cracked. Now they saying to me that i wont get this serviced nor i wont get a warranty for my product.

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