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Gadgets 360 - I Returned faulty phone but Gadgets 360 not return my refund.

Date of Purchase - Sat, 26th Nov 2016 Date of Delivery - 28th Nov 2016 ORDER ID - OAB674AF4F6D5FC037 I got a faulty Phone(Moto G Turbo Edition) from Gadgets 360. Firstly i call to Gadgets360 and they said go to service center of Motorola and take DO against mobile. Due to this i spend my petrol because Motorola service center was to long distance from my office, i wasted my office time and money 4 times then i got D.O. document. Then packed mobile and give to Gadgets 360 from my side. Now Gadgets 360 says that i not able to refund, We will give you replacement. But i want only refund.

0 Dec 20, 2016 01:08 PM Internet Services

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