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Ford India - Fraud on the down payment given

I have purchased a digital aspire on 22nd November 2016. As per the salesman the total cost of the car was 8,60,000. I have taken loan from bank near 7,30,000. Remaining I have made down payment of 1,33,000 to the salesman named Kiran at Visakhapatnam. Neither he has submitted any invoices or receipt on this. When ever I called for registration, he was cheating me and saying as I'm in leave, as my wife is not fealing well. I will come and having bill and everything with me and Will do the registration. But it has almost 2months passed. Then I have a doubt and revisited to the showroom. Then they said he was a fraud in our company and we have thrown him from our company. I met with the CEO of the showroom. I have given written complaint on him. They said Will do police handover and will collect amount from him. But again it has passed more then 15 days. When I called them they are not able to give proper justification. Now, this is a big fraud and need support.

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